The Dental Clinic Agulló y Vilaró is made up of a team of professionals with a wide expertise and training in the world of dental medicine.


Carlos Agulló Vidal

Carlos Agulló Vidal is one of the founders of the Agulló y Vilaró Dental Clinic. Besides an excellent academic curriculum, Dr. Agulló has many years of practical experience in the Dental Field.

Emma Vilaró González

Dr. Emma Vilaró González is one of the founders of the Agulló y Vilaró Dental Clinic. She has an excellent curriculum in the fields of Dentistry and Orthodontics.

Mónica García Pérez

Dr. Mónica García Pérez is a highly qualified profesional in the field of periodontics, her specialization.

Ruth Pérez Alfayate

Dra. Ruth Pérez Alfayate has a degree in dentistry from the University of Granada and Master in Advanced Endodontics. He has a great track record as a specialist in the art of endodontics and is constantly forming and developing. Regularly attends seminars and conferences.

Javier Togores Guigou

Dr. Javier Togores Guigou has an extensive background and experience in the world of Dentistry.

Mercedes Carmen Pérez Treiber

Dr. Mercedes Carmen Pérez Treiber is a fully qualified dentist.

Dra. Verónica Durán Alvarado

Verónica Durán Alvarado

Dra Verónica Durán Alvarado, Doctora en Odontología, especializada en Odontopediatría, con diplomado superior en manejo de pacientes en Odontopediatría y experiencia en atención integral en bebés, niños y adolescentes.

Dental Clinic Assistants

Noelia Rodríguez Melián

Dental Clinic Assistant

Melania Cañizares Torres

Dental Clinic Assistant

Yessica González Herrera

Dental Clinic Assitant