Orthognathic surgery is a complex process to correct dentofacial deformities and their corresponding dental malocclusion. This is the suitable process to change a face without harmony into a face that presents the perfect aesthetic harmony. About 30% of population presents some kind of facial disharmony.

The following are the possible etiologies: Congenital or Acquired Disharmony.

  • Congenital Disharmony: Caused by syndromes, cleft lip, microsomias, and so on.
  • Acquired Disharmony: Caused by a mouth breathing, a habit (thumb suckers), a trauma, and so on.

The surgery takes place with a multidisciplinar team, mainly composed by the orthodoncist and the maxilofacial surgeon. They design and build a new face and a correct function. With the aim of having a sucessful result, it is essential that they get accurate complete records before they proceed with surgery.

Orthodontics for orthognatic surgery is highly specialized and difficult, and it has to be always coordinated with the surgeon and the orthodontist. Thanks to the great advances in the field of dental diagnosis, such as CBCT -3D-, digital printings –scanner- and minimally invasive surgery, a highly accurate planification and analisis are possible. This minimizes the risks of this kind of surgery, so that the virtual planification of each case can be  previously done.


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The following are the aims of the treatment with orthognathic surgery:

  • Facial aeshetic.
  • Dental aesthetic.
  • Correct bite.
  • Joint health (ATM)
  • Periodontal health, gums
  • Enhancement of breathing (airways)

Our aim is to fulfill our patients’ wishes. Although the problems that require this kind of surgery are extremely sensitive, they have a solution. With an accurate planification of each case, we will be able to get a good result.

Nowadays, we hear a great deal about OSAS, episodes of obstructed breathing during sleep. In the majority of the cases, this treatment is applied because there is a breathing problem, and this is the only way of solving it.

A small jaw may lead to a blocked rear way, and with orthognathic surgery we are able to restore the normal and nasal breathing of our patients.


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