Orthodontics is a specialty within Dentistry that deals with the detection and treatment of anomalies regarding shape, position and function of teeth and bone structures.



It is hard to keep badly positioned teeth clean, or teeth which do not chew properly.

This can cause cavities or gum problems, such as periodontal disease. This can also cause stress on chewing muscles and neck, which can lead to problems with the joints and muscles, or headaches. Besides, teeth incorrectly positioned, or an improper position of teeth in the dental arch, does not help to show the perfect cosmetic appearance, the main concern of our patients.




The Dentist or Orthodontist is the Dental Professional who practices Orthodontics as an specialization. Before the treatment, he/she will make a diagnosis with the help of an x-ray, plaster casts and photos. Some supplementary tests are usually needed, such as a scanner or x-ray of the hand, depending on the complexity of the case.


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Orthodontics goes far beyond the teeth alignment. We also correct alterations in the maxillary bones, face and,  specially, chewing functional disorders.

When should we go to the Dentist for the first time?

It depends on the kind and severity of the problem. In any case, it is generally recommended that a child be seen by a dentist by the age of 6-7 onwards. Orthodontic treatments are usually associated with adolescence, though prevention from an early age is really important.



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How do I know if I need orthodontic treatment?

Your Dentist or Orthodontist can decide if you need orthodontic treatment, and that is the reason why children at the age of 6-7 onwards should be seen by a dentist, since bone problems, such as narrow maxilla, open or crossed bites, are easier to correct if detected at an early age, before growth has stopped, since surgery is often required after this age.




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